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Humidifiers: Are They Beneficial for Asthma Patients?

A lot of things can set off an asthma attack. Usually, it's stress, but there are things in the environment of an asthma patient that can also cause an attack. Once asthma patients know what triggers their attacks, they tend to control and/or avoid those factors.

Dry Air

Dry indoor air can trigger an asthma attack. Pulmonologists recommend that indoor air for asthma patients be around 30-50% humidity. Most indoor air, particularly in winter when a furnace is running, is never that humid. Running a humidifier benefits these patients with more humid air that in turn decreases the dry air that can cause an attack. 

Poor Quality Indoor Air

Another reason for running a humidifier is to improve the quality of the indoor air. More dust particles and allergens that can cause breathing problems for asthma sufferers float around in the air. The humidifier removes some of those particles and allergens and increases air quality. Suddenly the person with asthma breathes easier with a lack of congestion, no allergies, and no need to reach for an inhaler.

Regulation of Air Temperature

Air that is more humid can be turned down to a lower temperature. Air that is a lower temperature doesn't aggravate asthma as much. Average comfortable temperatures in a home is what a patient with asthma should be shooting for. Hence, the humidifier accomplishes three goals that benefit asthma patients and helps reduce their attacks in both frequency and intensity or duration. 

Choosing the Right Humidifier

You could put a portable humidifier in every room, but then you have to remember to refill it every day. A whole-house humidifier is a better option because you just set the humidity controls and let it go. There's no filling or refilling of fluids in the built-in house humidifier. If you decide to install a whole-house humidifier, there are HVAC contractors that are able to do this for you. Be sure to get a couple of quotes before you choose a contractor to install this type of humidifier.

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