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5 Tips to Preparing Your HVAC for the Summer Months

Summer is on the way. Is your HVAC system ready? It's important to check several key things before you fire up the air conditioning system to keep cool.

Clear All Debris Within 5 Feet of the Condenser

A condenser is the outdoor box used to cool air and eject hot air. There should always be a clear space of 5 feet around this component with no weeds, leaves, or twigs. It will prevent accidental fires and your HVAC technician won't have to struggle to reach it if the condenser needs repairs.

Wash the Condenser

A dirty condenser equals poorer air quality. With a light cleaner and a rag, hand wash the outside of the condenser taking special measures to clean the vented areas. Do not power-wash or use a garden hose! 

Change Your Forced Air Filter

The AC relies on your forced air filtration system. Change the filter just as you would for the winter months. A fresh new filter can help the entire system function more efficiently. 

Check the Wiring and the Fuse

Some AC units rely on a separate fuse box to boost power received from the home's electrical box. There is a tubular fuse inside. It should just pop out. Take that fuse to a hardware store that tests these things for you. They will tell you if the fuse is still good or if you need to purchase a new one. Also check the wiring for the AC as rodents like to chew on wiring outside for the plastic coating materials to make nests. 

Refuel or Recharge the Refrigerant

This is something you can't personally do as you are not a licensed HVAC technician. However, you can call an HVAC technician and request a refill of refrigerant for your air conditioning unit. Be sure to tell the technician the make and model of your air conditioning unit so he or she brings the right kind of refrigerant.

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